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The Eisenhower Partnership's mission is to make the Valley a better place to live, work and play.

The Eisenhower Partnership Board has been working hard to bring to the Valley what the work force and the residents of the Valley want. 

On our website you will find information about the Partnership and the Valley, including current events, new construction, recent openings and upcoming events. You will also find a blog to share anything that might be of interest to people in the Valley. Coming soon: space available in the Valley, a directory (contact directory only available to members) and membership sign-up.

Map of the Eisenhower Valley.

Great turnout at Yappy Hour to benefit the AWLA!

Old News:  Eisenhower Partnership Candidates Forum

The Democratic Mayoral candidates were required to answer the two questions below pertaining to the Eisenhower Valley corridor.  City Council candidates were not required to respond but some responses were submitted. All responses and candidate bios can be found under "Upcoming Events".

Questions for Mayoral Candidates

Question 1

Transportation: The Eisenhower Partnership supports extending the economic development accomplishments on the east end of Eisenhower Avenue to the west end of Eisenhower Avenue.  One recommendation offered in the course of the Eisenhower West Plan meetings to grow this economic activity westward is to move Transit Corridor B from Duke Street over to Eisenhower Avenue.  What are your thoughts about the impact this change would have on Eisenhower Avenue?  As Mayor, would you support high-capacity transit on Eisenhower Avenue?

Question 2

Industrial uses: There has been discussion of the importance of retaining an area for industrial use in the City of Alexandria. The western part of the Eisenhower Avenue corridor is one of the last areas of industrial uses in the City.  The City has already made a commitment to keep Covanta on Eisenhower for the long term.  Should the Eisenhower West Small Area Plan continue to accommodate light industrial uses in Eisenhower West; and if so, where and what kind would be appropriate?

Your input is needed!

Please review the following presentation from the Planning Commission's work session on the EW Small Area Plan.  Send comments/concerns to Frank Cole (fjcole@comcast.net) or Radhika Mohan (radhika.mohan@alexandriava.gov)

Help us shape the successful development of the Eisenhower Valley!


Fast Facts

  • The National Science Foundation will be moving to the Hoffman Center at the start of the calendar year of 2017. Groundbreaking occurred on January 27th, 2014.

    The new headquarters is to be built on the parking lot next to the AMC Hoffman Center 22 Movie Theater just across the street from the Eisenhower Avenue Metro station.


    The NSF has a $7.3 billion fiscal 2013 budget. The City of Alexandria will receive approximately $50 million in tax revenues over the 15 year lease even after all the tax incentives the NSF receives. The relocation should result in more than $83 million in annual spending (direct and indirect) in the City of Alexandria. The NSF has more than 30,000 site visits per year, many of the visitors serving on scientific review panels, yeilding 90,000 nightly hotel room bookings per year. In addition, the NSF relocation is expected to add 4,273 new stable jobs and 847 temporary jobs. 

  • The Valley is served by 3 Metro stops: Eisenhower, Van Dorn and King Street.
  • The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria is located on Eisenhower Avenue. It's fun to volunteer...dog walking, cat petting and so much more. OR adopt a loving animal who needs a forever home!

  • The City's recycling center and the mulch center is located at 4251 Eisenhower Avenue.
  • Bike trails run throughout Eisenhower Valley, including connections between Duke St. and Eisenhower Avenue.
  • The Valley's state-of-the-art 22-screen AMC Movie Theater, located at Hoffman Town Center, accommodates more than 4000 viewers in comfortable stadium seating.
  • Dining and food options near the Hoffman AMC Movie Theaters include Ted’s Montana Grill, San Antonio Grill, Ruby Tuesday, Delia's, Yves Bistro, California Tortilla, Starbucks and Cold Stone Creamery.
  • Dining options in John Carlyle Circe include The Carlyle Club, Artfully Chocolate, Potbelly, Jimmy John’s, Naru, Starbucks, Italian Deli, 7-11 and Roebuck.
  • Landmarks of the Valley include the Alexandria National Cemetery (the predecessor of Arlington) and the African American Heritage Park on Holland Lane, and the US Patent & Trademark Office Museum on Dulany Street.
  • Funds raised from the City’s Walk to Fight Breast Cancer, which takes place in the Eisenhower Valley, has helped nearly 4,000 underprivileged women receive mammograms since 1994.
  • The DMV is conveniently located just off Eisenhower Avenue at 2681 Mill Road.

Please use the Blog for the Partnership, Valley and City information only.  Have a great meal or great service?  Have news?  Know of a special or want to offer a special?  Know of a charity event coming to the valley? Let everyone know.

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Firehouse 210

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The Eisenhower Partnership is a non-profit organization serving the best interests of the Eisenhower Valley.

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